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How To Interpret Dapper

how to interpret dapper

Hey guys, how are you?

I’m doing good myself – but have been very busy this last week. However today’s topic is about how to interpret dapper. Dapper is in general defined as being well trimmed and stylishly dressed. The interpretation of being stylishly dressed have however evolved just a bit – in particular with Pitti Uomo becoming bigger and bigger. On this trade fair in Firenze a certain menswear stereotype has developed – the Pitti Peacock. And what is a Pitti Peacock might you ask? A Pitti Peacock is a very stylishly dressed gentleman – but to an extent that assimilates the alluring peacock.

While I may say that I have a fascination for these gents, it may be hard to incorporate such stylish repertoire into an everyday wardrobe. This is not to say, that there is nothing to learn from such, it’s just about being moderate. So for example, go for one (or maybe two) showstopper piece, and let the rest of  the outfit create a fitting context for that piece. In the case of this outfit the statement piece is the trousers, and the rest of the outfit should then complement trousers. I went with some neutral pieces that fit with the colors of the trousers and a pair of beautiful monkstraps to top it off. I think that the overall outfit comes across very well according to the definition of dapper.

How do you like it?

Best Regards,

Portrait De L’HOMME

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Photos by Gustav Reiss

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Mainly for the ladies, buuuut...