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Hello guys!

In trouble of what your summer wardrobe is supposed to look like? Well I may have just the answer. Much like last summer the floral print is a must have! The good news is that you will be able to re-use your floral prints from last summer. It seems like it has come to stay for a while. The essentials this summer how ever is the more Hawaii inspired shirts, meaning short sleeves and a bigger and more exotic floral print.

No need to go all print if you do not feel like it. You can easily pair such a shirt with just a black pair of jeans. To complete the outfit I’d pick either a pair of sandals, like these in the pictures, or a pair of white sneaks to add a bit of edginess to the outfit.

Don’t wanna end up like a lost tourist? Go with the darker shades and avoid the super bright shirts!

A floral shirt is not your thing? Well there is plenty of opportunities for prints. Another of my favourite go-tos are the printed bermudas. It’s another great way to add some dynamic to your personal look. Combine it with a minimalistic blazer and you’re good to go!

Often when using prints as a statement piece, you’ll have to consider that you’re not just going all ratchet on it. I like to keep combining the prints with a more subtle or solid colors to avoid any confusion to the eye. It’s not always the more the better, sometimes, especially with statement prints, it is about doing it just right.

However, IF you do feel very into print, it can be combined. However, matching one print with another is only for the skilled. You would have to consider, how these prints complement each other both in the matter of color and pattern. Two statement prints are likely not to work out together, and you should then rather consider a much more simple print, for example a dot print on the bottom.

I hope this served as some inspiration!

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See you next time!
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