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How To Resole A Boot [Video]

how to resole a boot

Hey there gentlemen (and the ladies who may read along),

One thing that sometimes scare me is that the shift towards fast fashion undermines the entire part of craftsmanship that goes into a well crafted product. Today the trends change sometimes within weeks, and as people want to stay on board with these trends, well then wardrobe changes (at least some parts). This kind of agility and adaptability doesn’t come cheap, which is why we fashionistas have our fashion fix at many of the high street fast fashion conglomerates. The catch however is that with reduced price comes reduced quality. These two goes hand-in-hand. I’m not any better myself, I’m just as much a sucker for ever changing trends as the next fashion blogger. I do however appreciate the feel of well constructed product, be it shirt or shoes.

I wanted to go into details with this care for the craftsmanship and quality product, which is why I teamed up with Jonas from Lædersmeden. To illustrate the craftsmanship that still exist he agreed to show me how to resole a boot properly. This ENTIRE process is shown in the video right above.

I’m glad that there still exists a few niche stores in Copenhagen, where quality and craftsmanship is the first priority. Having said that it doesn’t mean that the shoes sold isn’t fashionable. They’ve lent out shoes to a big deal of fashion shows (counting Asger Juul Larsen, Jean Phillip and Martin Asbjørn).

Remember to check out the video above.

Best Regards

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