The first time that the Chanel name will appear on a product designed by another label



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So lets address the hoodie for a moment. We all have a bunch of cozy hoodies sitting in the closet. For along time I only really wore them when I was hungover. This has definitely changed! What if I told you that you can actually wear a hoodie as a much more stylish piece? That’s right, we’re talking about how to style a hoodie in 4 different ways. I really believe that the athleisure trends of late has had a major influence in how we perceive the usability of a hoodie. It has really increased the amount of options when it comes to how to style a hoodie.

When it comes to the actual looks presented in the video then it’s not only streetwear looks, as you would usually associate the hoodie with. I’m trying to also move it into a much more dapper direction. This means that no matter if your into streetwear or dapper menswear, then this video might help you with how to style a hoodie.

My personal favourite outfit of the 4 in the video would probably be no. 2, as it is a casual dapper look that has just an edge that separates it from so many other hoodie outfits. It is really a matter of trying to break with the most common outfits, otherwise it might easily end up looking like your hangover attire when you consider how to style a hoodie. I would love to hear which of the outfits that you’d prefer? Let me know in the comment section either on the blog or on YouTube.

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The first time that the Chanel name will appear on a product designed by another label