How to style an oversized jumper

How to style an oversized jumpergrafik-erdem2

Oversized is not a bad thing. It’s just a matter of what you do with it. Let me make it clear, oversized is not the same as non fitted, oversized is excessive, non fitted is not. In this case we’re talking about the knit jumper. The oversized knit look has been trending for a while within women’s fashion, but guys can definitely rock this look as well. Personally I really like that cozy look with a very oversized knit jumper. It feels good, and keeps you wonderfully warm.

When it comes to styling such a jumper there are in my book three options. No tuck, Semi-tuck and full tuck. While the no tuck can make the look seem some what random, like you stole your dad’s jumper or sweater dress like, then the other two seem much more considered. Whether you like how it looks is a matter preference tho.

The semi-tuck gives a somewhat slouchy, but thought through look. It’s great for a very down to earth look. However, if you think that the semi-tuck (as I styled it) look is a little too much, then wearing it beneath a coat really makes it more mellow. In this way it is really only the excessive sleeves that you see – which I’m a big fan of. Otherwise try and make a full-tuck. What you need to consider tho is that if the jumper is too big, the edges beneath the pants will show. What you could do is to either pull a little up, making a sacking edge that hides the bottom of the jumper that is inside the pants, or you could again wear coat.


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The jumper that I’m wearing is from the recent Erdem x H&M collaboration, and I was very conscious that I wanted it to bee oversized, but this is a Medium (usually wearing a Small) and it’s on the edge of being too oversized. Didn’t account for how big it actually was. I styled it with a pair of super cool Plain Denim (name of the brand) sporty dress/jogger. Usually I would I wear pants like these a little more tight, and little more cropped, but I think that the sporty panel actually allows for a much more laid back and sacking fit. And for once, sacking is not a bad thing, at least if you ask me.

The shoes is a penny loafer with a chunky rubber sole from Vagabond. I think they add a bit of distinctiveness and class to the outfit together with the overcoat. I’ve for a while been a sucker for loafers, but it’s actually the first pair that I have with a chunky sole. It’s great because then you can better wear them in the winter. To me that has been an issue. You want to wear the loafers, but the often thin sole make my feet cold. Apparently my feet really crave boots during the winter!


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