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Taking offset in looks from runway shows, lookbooks and even ad campaigns can be a great way of getting some inspiration for some new stylings. One thing that I would like to underline however is that while inspiration is marvellous then, you should always aim to put your own spin on it. Most often it will come naturally as you would base the styling on your own wardrobe, but another option is to just go on a spending spree, and shop an entire runway look. To me, this has not so much personality.

This time it was in particular the silhouettes that inspired me. The loose fitted carrot fit pants dressed with an overcoat on top. If it were to be spot on from this designer, well then it would probably have been a double breasted, and most likely it would have been a tanned plaid coat.

I cannot hide that my current absolute favourite Parisian brand is AMI. Alexandre Mattiussi constantly deliver Parisian nonchalance with formidable elegance while remaining incredible down to earth. Parisian luxury houses are still a HUGE fascination of mine (especially Hermès, Dior and Saint Laurent), but where these may be excluding to the common man, then AMI is including and still sophisticated.

Whether you think that this look is somewhat similar (or not) to anything from the AMI universe is up to you (see the AW17 show HERE). If not, well then it was just an excuse to write an ode to Alexandre Mattiussi and his ability to create gorgeous garments (and footwear)! The sneakers are by the way from AMI.


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