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It’s no secret that I often find my self conflicting between stylish attire and casual streetwear. Somedays it seems like two conflicting worlds, that in no way can align. Somedays however seem to be just the opposite. I’ve quite a few times run into to the Luciana Barbera quote “Dress up your sportswear and dress down your formal wear”. And i guess that this is one of those times where dressing down the formal wear, really seem to pay off. I had this beige suit as a starting point, and I knew that I hadn’t time to do any ironing this day, which suited (xD) me fine, as I am a sucker for the Suit and Tee kinda look. So I thought, yeah I’d stick with a plain navy tee, and keeping the accessories the same color scheme.

As much as I am a sucker for wearing a tee with a suit, as much do I adore italian menswear. The amount of game that these gents have, can be completely unattainable. But what is unattainable, is always what we want – right? 😉 Nevertheless, when it comes to suiting and accessories I like to have some italian inspiration. Because where I may pull my outfit down a bit by a tee or jeans, I simultaneously pull my self up by having a few particular details. The heaviest italian inspiration in this look is the colourful scarf. Despite not being the lightest of scarfs, it still gives the outfit a twist of artistic edge. The next thing is – always wear a pocket square. I tried tucking the pocket square in more of dandy way, but as you’ve probably also experienced yourself, this may in some contexts be just too much. So I ended on a more classic folded version with a slight tilt. Worked very well!

Oh and yeah, almost forgot to mention – white sneaks. They add some edge and distinctiveness to the look. Sort of tells that you ain’t taking things too seriously. Nor should you. An important lesson I’ve learned from university is that, ‘plans should be taken seriously, but not literary’. To be honest this apply to so many aspects of life – and dressing is definitely one of them!

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