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I hardly believe that anyone can challenge the Italians when it comes to the sartorial corner of menswear. The level of nonchalance that these guys are born with is simply beyond the grasp of mere men. It’s simple, Italians do it better.  So what can we do, except trying to learn from the very best?

A guy that has been one of my favourite inspirations lately is Alessandro Squarzi (instagram here). The founder of Fortela is probably the go-to guy when it comes to involving militant vibes to sprezzatura look. If you, however, are more into the clean crisp fits, then Marco Taddei is definitely a guy to look out for! (Instagram here)

My adaption of Italian menswear involved double paisley, olive n’ khaki tones and of course Italian socks – meaning no socks (at least so it looks).

When it comes to the tie, the slightly longer narrow end look requires precision (I tied, and re-tied the tie, more times than I’d like to admit to getting the perfect length). This gives the look an effortless notion, which is really hard to replicate.  One thing that you should be aware of when doing the tipping narrow end tie look, is that it doesn’t end up looking too messy. You can avoid that by opting for a quite fitted wardrobe.

Btw, if you dig the tie, then scroll down for a direct link to shop it.

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