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It’s Christmas Again



It’s Christmas Again

Finally, one of the most anticipated days of the year is approaching at an unstoppable pace! It’s the time of year to celebrate the joy of life and the love for people surrounding us. The time to enjoy the same traditions, that we enjoy every year and probably will do every year forward. This includes eating christmas cookies, decorating the (crooked) christmas tree, stressful giftshopping, eating risalamande and watching Love Actually (which I’m watching right now).

The next couple of days will millions of gifts will be exchanged, and many has probably already received a few. It’s common for work places to give employees a proper christmas gift, and even though it for most hasn’t been like Lego, who gifted their employees a full months salary, the thought is very pleasant. It is nice to be acknowledged by the work place. This year I’ve been lucky enough to receive two wonderful christmas gifts from my employer, one being The Birger Suitcase from my unpaid internship at Birger Christensen, and a delicious basket from my job at the movie theatre – where I probably brew way to much coffee. On top of this my dear mother came by with freshly baked christmas cookies – which means, that it is now really christmas!

I’m certain that I’m going to have a very merry christmas and I hope you will too.

Merry Christmas

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