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An Ivy shows you what to wear for New Year’s Eve

The two founders behind the menswear accessories company An Ivy both have impeccable style. To say the least! So when they speak out on what to wear for New Year’s Eve, well then there is in fact only few people that I would rather listen to. In the most recent edition of their “The Ivy Post” they outline 6 options on how to  make this last night the year the most stylish one. And you know, you wanna end this year as a baller, because you’ll also be kicking in the new as one.

In my family we have the tradition that when the clock strikes midnight, you jump off a chair with cash in your hand to bring some prosperity into the coming year. On that note it cannot hurt to look like a million bucks while jumping into the new year.

My three favourite looks proposed by the An Ivy guys are the Classic Tux, the White Dinner Jacket and the Turtleneck Underneath A Velvet Jacket. Check out the rest of the looks HERE

tux whitedinnerjacket turtle

See the full post on An Ivy HERE.

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