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New Year's Eve Outfit

James Bay Outfit

James Bay Outfit

A James Bay Outfit

Happy New Year! I hope that you’ve all gotten well into the year of 2016. I can easily say that I did. I had a blast celebrating the coming of the new year with dinner with some of my closest friends and a party with even more friends. I hope that 2016 will be the year where we will all seize the opportunities to come. I know I will, and I’ll definitely strive to make my own luck so to speak.

I’m a music lover. I play when I have the time, and I always listen to something. So looking back at 2015, one thing I did listen a lot to are the Burberry Acoustic sessions. If you haven’t seen them, make sure to do so! I’ll link to a video in the bottom of this post. One of my absolute favorite artists, which I discovered through these sessions, are the imminent James Bay. So I thought, why not make a James Bay outfit, inspired by the man himself but with my own twists. The definite key item is the black fedora, next the leather jacket and lately the Burberry scarf (as he has come to be a rather popular face of the British fashion house).

James Bay would probably wear this with a shirt underneath, slim black jeans and a pair of chukka boots. In my ‘James Bay Outfit’ the case will be a jumper (as it is winter), flannel trousers and a pair of low cut brogue boots.

About the Outfit

The jacket is a piece from the wildly hyped collaboration between highstreet H&M and High fashion Balmain. What I love about this piece is that the quality is fantastic and that the design is very similar with the actual Balmain pieces. The only thing, is that it is not that easy to close. It’s clearly meant to stay open – but what the heck. That’s how a leather jacket looks best! 😉

The Burberry scarf is actually not mine. It’s my girlfriend’s – even though I tend to use it way more than she does. The cashmere used is amazing. You simply don’t wanna take it off – even when inside. This is one of the reasons that you do want to spend money on a quality scarf once in a while.

To add some color to the look I went for a deep wine red jumper from Tiger of Sweden. It’s a thin, light weight jumper made from delicate merino wool. Great for usage beneath jackets or on top of a dress shirt with a tie.

A key item as mentioned is the fedora. An item that proved to be very popular in 2015, and without a doubt will carry on to 2016. In the last few decades hats such as this has been very unpopular, only really seen in gangster movies, like Gangster Squad and Lawless. But I sincerely hope that the comeback of hats are here to stay.

Shoes. This is always the part of the outfit that separates the sheep from the goats. Are you man enough to rock a pair of decent leather shoes or boots? If so, cut the coloured sneaks. They may be comfy, they may convenient but they are not gonna contribute to your game – often on the contrary! This pair of Clarks brogue boots are warm lined, which means that they are great for the winter season. Definitely worth checking out.


James Bay OutfitJames Bay OutfitJames Bay Outfit


That’s it for this time. Once again Happy New Year!
Best and warmest regards

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