Jean//Phillip SS18 – DE(SIR)E – Portrait De L'HOMME

Jean//Phillip SS18 – DE(SIR)E

Jean//Phillip SS18 – DE(SIR)E

The Jean//Phillip SS18 collection has recently been showcased through a urban lookbook with the semantics of a runway show. Notice  for example how all the models wear berets and (super crisp) boots. The collection is called “DE(SIR)E” which bears many references to the sexual aspect of the clothing. This title is seen printed on various pieces of the collection.

I’ve previously talked to the designer Jean Phillip where he explained how he wished to redefine how menswear was perceived. In his SS18 collection he played around with various silhouettes, from short leather shorts to oversized parka like jackets. So his claim seems legitimate to me when he actually pursues such diversity. When it came to colours the Jean//Phillip SS18 was very streamlined. Black, white and electric blue. A blue that stands out of the crowd. Moving from a time where color rather should be absent than present, then it’s nice to see such a stand out color.

Favourite pieces? Blue jumpsuit, Black military jacket with Mao collar and the white shirt with Mao collar, elongated sleeve cuff and straps.

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