Get your GoT Fix with these kicks – KOIO x HBO – Portrait De L'HOMME
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Get your GoT Fix with these kicks – KOIO x HBO

kingslayer - koio x hbo

If you like me – and probably the rest of the world – still are craving your Game of Thrones fix, then this might be something for you. After the end of season 7 have left us longing more than ever, then HBO has otaken to cater to your need in a slightly different way. In July it was announced that the entertainment giant would go into merchandising with several streetwear labels under the title Rep The Realm. The most recent collaboration to be found is with Swedish KOIO Collective. However, this colab is not as a usual merchandising collaboration, as the only way the shoes can be acquired is through winning them in their contest over at KOIO Collective’s Instagram.

KOIO Collective and HBO have teamed up to make a minimalistic sneaker that will channel your inner Lannister. Though the family may have somewhat of a shady reputation, then you cannot help yourself rooting for the Kingslayer. Screw Cersei (not like Jamie does tho), but Jamie has really matured and showed some appealing traits of character. Nonetheless, KOIO Collective and HBO is celebrating this character with a sneaker called KINGSLAYER that would very well fit his Goldcloak armour from season 1. Remember that one? If not, well then let me brush it up; all gold and a white cape. KOIO x HBO collaborative sneaker comes in an all gold edition, with a gold hand fastened on the lace, and of course KINGSLAYER written on the insole.

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