Kris Van Assche’s debut for Berluti is as exciting as it is relevant – Portrait De L'HOMME
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Kris Van Assche’s debut for Berluti is as exciting as it is relevant

I’ve on various occassions expressed my excitement about Kris Van Assche’s move to the historic Berluti. I was a huge admire of his dark contemporary yet sporty designs at Dior Homme, so when he was let go from this position I was looking forward to see what was next for Van Assche. He was early this year announced as creative director of the LVMH owned Italian heritage brand Berluti. A house that relies on a rich heritage of shoe design and traditional menswear, rather than contemporary designs.

A few days ago, a lookbook with his debut collection for Berluti was released, and once again I would want to wear pretty much every item coming out of his studio. Especially a pair of blue trainers, the double breasted suit and the two cross body bags.The color scheme remains very much intact with Kris Van Assche’s usual. A dark palette filled with hard contrasts by relying on black, navy, white and a popping red. Van Assche managed to capture the essence of Berluti’s bespoke universe and translate them into a relevant modern sporty collection. See the full lookbook below.



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