Leather pants: A piece of the past?

Okay, time for an honest talk. Wearing leather pants as a dude is not that common. It tends to get you quite a few looks, but depending on the way you wear the leathers pants the starring may come with appreciation or despite. Thankfully, there are deisgners such a Hedi Slimane, Kris Van Assche and John Galliano pushing forward to change the perception of leather pants – in an utmost fashionable manner. Where Slimane put them in a purely rock and roll context Kris Van Assche brings them into a tailored domain paired with sports references.

Being raised to a rock and roll soundtrack leaves a mark. To me, leather pants are the most rock and roll item in any wardrobe. Have a look at Steven Tyler (Aerosmith), Kirk Hammett (Metallica), Bon Jovi and Lemmy Kilmister (Motörhead). I know, they’re not really the most fashionable fellas. But with music being my first love, they did influence what ‘cool’ means to me. Likely, why I like to add a rock n’ roll twist to my style whenever there is room for it.

Adding to why leather pants are more than just glam and rock, is that they are actually hella cosy during the winter. Simply because, unlike many dress pants, they actually keep your legs warm! Personally I like them to be, not tooooooo skinny and preferable made from soft calfskin (which also often drags up the price). The roomier and softer leather pants still allow me to get around town (on bike) without any discomfort and quirking sounds. You know, like scooching when sitting bare-assed in a leather couch.

How to style leather pants

Attempting to style the leather pants look first and foremost requires confidence. Next is styling. Play along with the rock n’ roll look to create cool and super consistent look. This means cowboy boots and denim jackets. Underneath wear an open printed shirt or white t-shirt.

Alternatively, as with the look presented in this post. Have a look at current bolder trends. For example the oversized deep V neck look, which is heavily inspired by Raf Simons. As long as you keep and eye out for the aesthetics of it, you’ll be fine. At the end of the day, it’s about confidence and personality.

Shop Leather Pants

Leather pants can be a very expensive shopping experience. My best advice (unless you bank account is filled to the brim) is to go look for second hand or thrift shops. You’ll often find a good deal here, also because good leather pants are very durable! Don’t be afraid if they’re hanging in the womenswear section, a lot of them is made as unisex. And I know that you are enough of a man to pull them out of the womens rack. 😉


Over and out!

// Jon

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