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H&M's Studio AW18 collection is all you want to wear this fall!

Les Deux AW18 is for the social misfits

The Danish brand Les Deux has released what is probably their strongest collection to date. While it is not the progressive fashion forward type of brand that I usually like to put in the spotlight, this collection speaks for it self as to why Les Deux should be a household name for the stylish man! Even more founder and CEO of Les Deux Andreas von der Heide and designer Mathias Jensen answered a few questions of mine.


Les Deux AW18 collection is the uniform for the social misfits. That’s at least what served as inspiration for the collection and consisted of three key elements; boardingschools, hooliganism and the foreign legion. All distinct social collectives that is somewhat excluded from the regular society. Yet also collectives that has a rather uniform dresscode. That is why you’ll find Oxford shirts and preppy coats, as well as sweatshirt with the writing Légion Étrangèrie and baseball caps. All kept in a dark and neutral color scheme that is so easy to style and will fit any mans wardrobe.

To really understand what the collections is about have a look at their AW18 promo video.


What I really admire about Les Deux is their continuous progression and their immense drive. While the products may be addressed to the common man, and not the fashion forward first mover, Les Deux is being run with such passion that you can almost feel the passion in the garments. I am fascinated by the story of two fellas who started out with creating just a batch of t-shirts in 2011, to being a house hold name for the stylish Danish man in 2018.


I asked Andreas von der Heide, founder and CEO, about how it feels to see the brand that he founded grow and letting people work with him. Von der Heide explains that Les Deux is a unique privilege, that allows him the opportunity to live out his dreams with the people he cares for. He further adresses that even though the brand was founded by two guys, the ambition was always to share the journey with a team who believes that Les Deux can reach the world – and this is what Les Deux is on to do now.

He continues; people often say that Les Deux has been going on for a while, but his answer to this is that this is only the beginning! He believes that there is a great unresolved potential which the company will utilise for many years to come. To do so, he explains that he needs people that are 50-100% better than himself, because without his teams, there is no Les Deux.

Les Deux aw18 grafik les inadaptés

Wearing Les Deux Bryson wool shirt and Les Deux Garda suit pants


I always find it very interesting to get insights on what actually inspires a designer, artist or producer. What are their muses? Therefore, I of course asked Mathias Jensen, designer of Les Deux, about what inspires him and how he translates that into the Les Deux garments. He responded that he is inspired by the details which create the wholesomeness. Fabrics, weaves, shapes, buttons, zippers etc. all have to fit within the concept, and cannot be random. He tells that he see how it affects the bigger picture and not just the product itself when when small change are made. Further, is Jensen inspired by the people that he spends time with, travels, history, the internet, other brands and even other industries can be very inspirational. He continues that in reality one is just inspired by living.

Further, Jensen also explains that the Les Deux collections are always built around stories. No matter the size. A significant time period, a phenomenon or a person. We dig into historical archives and start get geeky about the period or person. It’s actually a quite educational process. With the information from the research, we start to build a universe of which we feel confident in – and then we start to design.

Wearing Les Deux Liberté Égalité Sweatshirt

Wearing Les Deux Liberté Égalité Sweatshirt


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