Let The Loafer Season Begin!

If there is one thing that really makes it feel like spring, then it is slipping your feet into a pair of tassel loafers while flexing that bare ankle. The loafers are one of my all-time favourite pieces, as you can use it for so many different purposes. It’s an obvious substitute to your go-to sneakers during the spring and summer and will add a level of refinement to your overall appearance. Further, you don’t even have to sit and do the laces (I’ll be honest, it’s a big yes-please on my account), just easily slip them on, and you’re good to go.

The loafers work perfectly for this transitional season and can easily be combined with either jeans, dress pants or in the case chinos. I kept it a simple two-colour outfit mixing two colours that are common in the menswear wardrobe – blues and greys. In general, this look has more references to the traditional, than the contemporary, which means that the choice of colour is quite suiting. To top it all off a pair of Ray-Ban Clubmasters for a vintage vibe.

Just to sum up, let the loafer season begin!

 loafer season begin loafer season begin

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