When life gives you lemons … – Portrait De L'HOMME
When you go south!

When life gives you lemons …


“When life gives you lemons…”

… use them for your oysters!

Staying near the Mediterranean means that the restaurants serve almost entirely seafood – and most of the steaks served are not even worth eating! However, what ARE worth eating are the oysters! This is still quite new to me. I tasted oysters for the first time last year – also in southern France – and couldn’t decide on the outcome. Good or bad – couldn’t decide. Despite the Huîtres Gratinée aux Poireaux – which was a instant smash hit! But the oysters natural was something for it self.

At this year’s annual trip to southern France tasting oysters au natural was on the to-do list. I don’t know if my brain finally has made up it’s mind or my tastebuds has changed. But I’m a fan! That salty fresh taste – preferably with a bit of lemon on. So when life gives you lemons, use them for your oysters! I know that I will!

A great thing about the oysters are that despite curing your hunger they won’t make you sweat. Your becoming full at a much more convenient level! Which is great especially in the heat that is around the Mediterranean. And further, it’s nothing but protein (get your gains on! 😉 ).


How do you feel about the oysters?

All the bests,

Portrait De L’HOMME

IMG_4946oysters 2-3 oysters 2-2 I Sete-10


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When you go south!