Look Good While Blending In – Portrait De L'HOMME
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Look Good While Blending In

Look Good While Blending In

Most people would probably associate being dressed monochromatically with urban streetwear. While this is a major trend, then monochromatic really just means that it is one color (or different shades of this). This means that black/white is identified as monochromatic. However, the rules of monochromatism easily transfers into the more conventional menswear areas. It works perfect for a day at the office, especially if you want to look good while blending in. Usually I would argue that you should try and stand out a little, but somedays (especially Mondays) you really just want to blend in. You just want to keep your head low, and avoid any kind of confrontation. But then again, you are not a slop, so you still want to look good. A grey-scaled monochromatic look is then the way to go. Being locked on the colors allows you to focus more on the textures, fabrics and comfort.

I would advice not to wear head to toe of the exact same color. Try work around with different shades to create some sort of dynamic from slight contrasts. Try involving small patterns or print that would usually just drown. They will have their saying with an outfit like this.

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Portrait De L’HOMME


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