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Lookbook Video Wearing Plain Denim

Lookbook Video Wearing Plain Denim

Hey guys!

I recently received these two pairs of trousers from Plain Denim*, and I really wanted to show them to you! So I challenged myself and pieced together a little lookbook video of me wearing plain denim.

I feel that a little explanation is in order. Plain Denim doesn’t only do jeans (or denim). In fact it seems that lately the focus has shifted more towards trousers. In that regard it is likely that you’d see the name spelled out ‘Plain’.

About the styling: The first pair you see is a pair of super cropped wide cut trousers with a side panel. How cool does that sound?! Super cool indeed! I dig how the cut is so different from what you usually see roaming the streets.

The second is a pair of super comfy olive green slim fit cargo pants. These trousers are about as comfy as your favourite joggers! Further, that whole cargo thing that has re-evolved over the last season is starting to please me – as long as it sticks to the slim silhouette.

*Both the pants are sponsored by Plain Denim.

You can find many more styles at their webshop here.

Best Regards

Portrait De L’HOMME

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