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Looks of Late

If you keep up with me on Instagram – which you know you want to, click here – you know that I daily post fit pics for inspirational purposes. In fact, it has become quite a substantial and time consuming hobby over the last couple of years, so every like, comment and follow are deeply appreciated. Below are some of the outfits that I’ve worn lately – attached with a few thoughts and anecdotes related.

Misty Morning

The key pieces of this outfit is the chunky knit that perfectly matches the blue neopren parts of my new Hermès sneakers. The electric blue smoothly joins everthing from the top to bottom, like a well orchestrated symphony – I know, a little grandiose but you get the point! Right? The rest of the outfit is kept black and slightly extravagant. I’m finding myself to yet again fall in love with wearing leather pants. As long you don’t wear them too tight they are warm, cozy and hella rock n’ roll! On top of this look is a crisp – VERY affordable – long puffer, that I will comment on further down this post.

Shop the look: Puffer // Knit (similar) // Pants (similar) // Sneakers


A fun anecdote regarding these pictures. I was on a shoot with my buddy Michael from DanskMode.com and because of some very hard sunlight it was challenging to find a satisfying photo location. After shooting some less than mediocre pics at locations that would usually look great – we were on the verge of just settling for a poor result. All of a sudden Michael pointed out a yard that was only accessible via a stairwell secured by a fence – which was of course locked. Rebellious as we were (Pff!) we climbed the fence (in the best spirit of the Dr Martens boots that I wore) and voila messieurs-dames. It is not the last time I will be down this yard for photographic purposes!

Shop the look: Sunglasses (similar) // Coat // Knit (similar) // Belt (similar) // Pants (similar) // Boots


Puffer, Fleece and Roll Neck

These are the quintessential items of my wardrobe these days. I have a continuous collaboration with Jack and Jones, which means that I frequently sport a good chunk of their styles. However, though I only recently picked up these styles, they have been in heavy rotation already! They slightly tap into the outdoor trends which means that they also provide a lot of function. And functionality is very welcomed through these last days of fall!

Shop the look: Puffer // Fleece jacket // Knit // Pants // Sneakers


Hedi Slimane? YSL? CELINE?

When Hedi Slimane showcased his first mens and womenswear collection for Celine, I was quick on pointing out that I thought it was a shame to ruin the legacy of Phoebe Phillo. Not that I didn’t like his style – on the contrary. Essential to this collection – in my eyes – were the blackness, rock n roll, structured military inspired jackets, leather – and occasionally white shoes. For this look I was inspired by just these things. Even further, his debut Celine collection was entitled ‘Paris La Nuit’ – hence the beret.

Shop the look: Beret // Scarf (similar) // Coat (similar) // Hoodie (similar) // Pants (similar) // Sneakers

Blue Hues

I’ve always been a sucker for rather monochrome outfits. As long as you do it carefully you can for sure play around with different hues of the same color, so that it doesn’t have to be only black or grey.

Shop the look:  Parka (similar) // Shirt // Knit // Pants // Sneakers // Bag (similar)

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