Loose silhouettes and lost etiquettes

Occasionally I shoot with my two buddies, Alexander Gram (Preppy Beast) and Michael Schmidt (Dansk Mode). We all have a lot in common and get along really well. Style wise we deviate slightly, though not always miles apart. However, when I showed up at location yesterday for the shoot, I was met with wondering eyes. Preppy Beast even expressed “You continue to surprise us”. Whether it was good or bad, I’m still not completely certain, but I have a feeling that it was meant as a compliment.

The styling indeed is a bit edgy, but in my opinion not too much. There is a lot of playing around with the silhouette for this styling. Lately, I’ve been obsessing about looser and wider silhouettes. Though my main sources of inspiration comes from the realm of menswear, I cannot help but be drawn by for example the ‘Old Céline’ universe. The elegant long loose cuts. Though applied to my more moody universe.

The two key pieces of this styling – the denim trench and the loose trousers – are in fact womenswear pieces. Thus the ‘lost etiquettes’. However, I don’t think the styling is at all girly. However, wearing womenswear is not new to me as such. I’ve on various occasions stolen pieces from girlfriends wardrobe, like she continuously steals from mine. Growing up I used to steal my sisters denim jacket.

How do you like this styling?

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