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Han Kjøbenhavn AW17 Show Review

Martin Asbjørn AW17 Show Review

Martin asbjørn aw17

Martin Asbjørn delivered a strong show, with wearable clothes. The collection didn’t involve any larger than life grandeur avantgarde pieces that probably never will roam the streets. It did however rely on pieces that could be worn straight off the runway.

The collection bore several references to western wear – a reference that was underlined by the complementing cowboy boots (which can be found here). The collection seemed also to references somewhat of a neo noir dystopia. Most remarkable, beside the dark color palette, was the cord baseball caps with Martin Asbjørn written in  a Blade Runner. I believe that the collection came across as quite rock-chic with the few but rough details. Obviously because the rock-genre has adopted a lot from westerner, but also due to the color palette.

My two favourite parts of the Martin Asbjørn AW17 collection was the impeccable job with the jackets, and Martins ability to create a lean silhouettes despite mix of loose of slim cuts.

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