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Martin Asbjørn FW18 Teenage Dirtbag Show Review

Martin Asbjørn FW18The Martin Asbjørn FW18 show “Teenage Dirtbag” is a tribute to the adolescence years filled with insecurity and heartbreak. A period that we’ve all been through and can nod along to when saying that everything changes. We’re for the first time trying to figure out what life is really about.

The collection’s color scheme was highly consistent; black, red, grey, tan and white. Very dominating colors that pays tribute to the daring and experimental teenage years. For fabrics there was a wide variety like (lots of) corduroy, leather, silk, jersey and wool. Despite the diversity of fabrics then it was all tied well together by the consistent colors.  My personal favourite pieces were definitely the ones made of corduroy as well as some of the tailored pieces.

On that note, Martin Asbjørn’s background in tailoring really shows. Because though his silhouettes are oversized and boxy dominated by a somewhat messy aesthetic, then it really requires a high level of skills to create suits and tailored pieces that look good in a messy styling!

Martin Asbjørn FW18Martin Asbjørn FW18fuld-martin_asbjorn_aw18-0007ma-2

The collection also showcased that mixing up patterns (windowpane with plaids, and plaids with stripes) is the way to go. As well as it showed that we should keep the soccer scarf in the wardrobe.

The collection also showed a highly relevant collaboration between M.A. and and Dr Martens. And when tapping into this youthful universe then I could probably think of no more relevant partner. The shoes contains the writing “TEENAGE DIRTBAG” both on the shoes and on the laces (which stresses the theme of the show even further). These laces was also used as belts in the styling, however I’m sure that this was more of a gimmick. Nonetheless it drew the attention towards the shoes, so in that case it was a success.

    Martin Asbjørn FW18ma fuld-martin_asbjorn_aw18-0011 ma-3

The Martin Asbjørn FW18 Teenage Dirtbag collection was without a doubt my favourite show during the Copenhagen Fashion Week Fall/Winter 18. I can’t wait to see some of these pieces on the street (around august 2018).

fild-martin_asbjorn_aw18-0021 ma-4 martinasbjorn3 martin_asbjorn_aw18-0022


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