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Mens Wish List Inspiration


Mens Wish List Inspiration

It’s already december and like so many other men you haven’t really bothered making up a wish list. And why would you. The things that you want are either too expensive or already in possessing, because why wish for them when you can afford them? And do you really want to spend time making that damn list?

What if I told you that there is actually a lot neat stuff out there within budget range (of course depending on the budget 😉 ). These are not necessarily ‘need to have’ but are really ‘nice to have’. Just browsing through one of the major shopping sites actually turned out to make a solid wish list.

Consider this some wish list inspiration, whether it’s for your self or your boyfriend. 😉


1. A new pair of gloves

No need to say why I fell instantly in love with these zippered black leather gloves from Royal RepubliQ.

Price  around 80€


2. A Beautiful Scarf

Scarfs are a necessity. If you don’t own any fashionable scarfs, now is the time. They serve a practical purpose and can add both a really cool sprezza chic vibe and a rustic vibe to your look.
Scarfs 2
Left: Ralph Lauren Scarf at 80€. Right: Selected Homme Fair Isle Scarf at 51€.


3. New ties

A man can NEVER have enough neckties. You may not wear them all the time and you may have several ‘just because they are fun-ties’. Never the less, you always need a new tie for that occasion, where all of your present ties does NOT complement the shirt you’re wearing.

Wish list inspiration

Left: Asos tie price at 17€. Right: Jack and Jones tie price at 36€.

4. Pocket Squares

Keeping it in a sartorial matter. Remember the pocket square. This neat little detail allows you to go from having just randomly pulled on a blazer, to a relaxed but on point look! Not to mention what happens when you combine it with a suit n’ tie.

Wish list inspiration

Left: Paul Smith Pocket Square 73€. Right: Selected HOMME Pocket Square 17€.


5. A New Wallet

You use it probably several times a day, and you carry it with you all the time. What does that mean? From time to time you will have to replace your wallet as it is simply worn out.

Wish list inspiration

This zippered wallet is just so darn cool. Clean, crisp and the zipper that adds some rawness to this wallet. It basically looks like it could rock some 80’s hard rock on a night out until the early morn’.


6. A New Jumper

It may be december, and you may think that the spring is coming closer, but I’m telling you January, February and March may be real cold. A new jumper, definitely makes the wish list.

Wish list inspiration

Left: Diesel k-militia multi mountain jumper at 191€. Right: Hilfiger Jumper at 132€.


7. A New Belt

Have you like the rest of us gained a little weight during december? All those delicious treats…. Or are a weight loss new years resolution coming crawling upon you? In theses cases, you need either a longer belt or shorter one.

This super cool rustic Royal RepubliQ belt will seal the deal.

Royal RepubliQ 44?

Priced at 44€


8. New Socks

This is probably the most conventional christmas wish. However, it doesn’t need to be that boring a wish. Brands such as Happy Socks provide excellent opportunities to make a statement when your ankles see a bit of sunlight.

Wish list inspiration

Left: Happy Socks wool sock price around 20€ Right: Happy Socks collection of socks price around 35€

Beside these examples are new grooming gear, more of that great scent that you always wear, trying out with a label pin or a tie bar? It’s Christmas, the time for wishes, the time for joy. I hope this served the purpose of being some mens wish list inspiration.



Portrait De L’Homme


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