Essential in idea, contemporary in shape

Menswear Essentials may not be as essential over time.

Unquestionable each piece of garment has a specific time of year where it is the most relevant. But it so happens that items tend to have a longer spand longer than estimated. A wool coat is not only relevant in October, it might be so in January as well with a thermo liner underneath. That leads me to my first point of this post; layers that you can dissect and re-assemble in new editions ends up being the most relevant winter styles, yet they are just as relevant during the autumn on their own. That is the power of menswear essentials. These are the pieces that you can rely on again, again and again. But essentials may not be as essential over time.

Essentials adapt to fashion whether you like it or not

Though Essentials seems somewhat defined. Set it stone. Normative. And a lot of brands (and magazines) wants you to believe it to be so, but essentials develop. Just as well as the drastic landscape of fashion continuously swirl around with newness, It-looks etc, the essentials adapt. Following this argument thus means that your so-called essentials are also subject of fashion, and not exact evergreens. The wool coat that you bought a few years back, may still be essential in its idea, but outdated in shape. And to me that is exactly menswear essentials is in a nutshell. The core of a fashionable wardrobe; yet adaptable to fashion: A grey hoodie, a pair of wool pants, an overcoat, a pair of leather gloves and so on.

Menswear Essential look

The Current Essential Silhouette

Most important is it that the fits change. Lately, due to a heavy influence of 90s inspired fashion, the ‘fashionable silhouette’ is deemed to be much more boxy, more loosely fitted with room to accept any demographic and variable body shapes. No longer is it only the androgynous coke-slender model type that fits the clothes (though I must admit, it often looks really good on this particular body type).

Run through of a Menswear essential look

On Trend with Menswear Essentials

This past year has come to show a shift in what is considered the most important essentials. From focusing on office wear, jeans, jumpers etc to intensifying the efforts of lounge and sweatsuits. The new norm is the #wfh uniform, often consisting of sweatpants and something zoom-appropriate on the torso. But let’s all make each other a promise, let’s not forget how to dress.

Menswear essentials: the hoodie, the coat and leather gloves

Updating the essential-wardrobe with few tweaks, such as a pair of It trainers (yes, I’m a hard sucker for the Air Jordan 1 Retro OG model) or gloves that adds another dimension to the look by adding a whole other set of association are easy ways to stay on a more contemporary path. To be fair, most of the items you’d consider in a mans wardrobe, would be considered essential.

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