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Menswear FW15

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As we are heading toward the fall season, I have decided to do a little feature on some of the coming FW15 menswear trends.

It seems that the narrow and lean silhouette is staying for the fall, however the jackets and coats are longer, and the pants are not all skinny everywhere anymore. Which I guess is pretty good for the sake of the health of our manhood.

Firstly, a lot is going on at the Balmain house these days, and the FW15 collection is a proof that their extravagance is still intact. This Balmain look displays the wider oversized look, with some of the FW15 prime colors.

Balmain FW15 Menswear Collection

The Raf Simons FW15 collection showed us that the long coat definitely is a FW15 necessity!

Raf Simons FW15 Menswear Collection


Further the house of Saint Laurent showed us that the lean and skinny silhouette is still here to stay! (Phew! I’m a huge fan of skinnies and not at all ready to let go of them!)

Saint Laurent FW15 Menswear Collection

The ultimate trend this season however is the Prints and Patterns! This is a heavily continuation of the floral SS15 trend. The prints are primarily geometrics patterns, animal prints and of course the floral print (though this print is in radically darker shades than we saw at the SS15 collections).

First up for display is a look from the Valentino FW15 dominated by geometric patterns. This whole collection is an artistic collaboration with the Australian artist Esther Stewart showcasing some of her color block aesthetics. Personally I’m madly in love with this jacket!

Valention FW15 Menswear Collection

Next up is a look from the Louis Vuitton FW15 collection, a collection dominated by a braided ropes design. A collection that definitely shows that the huge print is the Bee’s Knees!

Louis Vuitton FW15 Menswear Collection

Lastly, the color scheme for this season has two prime colors. The inevitable black and an earthy beige. Besides these two, a high red has also appeared many places, as well as the navy blue.

‘Black is the new black- could be a common saying for this season. At Saint Laurent they’ve really nailed this look! They’ve got black evening wear, black denim looks, black everything! I Personally wear black a lot(!), so needles to say that i dig a lot of this collection.

Saint Laurent FW15 Menswear Collection

Lastly, here is a Louis Vuitton look displaying the beige and high red in the same look. Notice freshness and revived energy that the red adds to the look.

Louis Vuitton FW15 Menswear Collection

Thats a wrap for this time. I hope you enjoyed it, and please leave a comment.


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