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A lesson in Perfection. Holzweiler SS19

MFPEN SS19 is the wardrobe of an artist

On the one hand MFPEN is based on archetypical scandinavian aesthetics, but on the other hand it is so very far away from it. While the designs provide a clean look, they are perfectly imperfect. Like the rough edges of a brushstroke. The collection consisted of slightly creped shirts and relaxed tailoring, which added a perfect grounded touch to the clean aesthetics. Suit trousers were wide and jeans had pleats and rough roll ups. Houndstooth, checks and stripes all play an equally balanced role, while the silhouettes took the starring role. If there is one thing that Sigurd Bank (designer of MFPEN) knows how to do, it is to create admirable silhouettes that you’d want to wear.

While this was a presentation and not a show it was without a doubt one of my personal highlights of the Copenhagen fashion week SS19! The setting was an atelier where the pieces were wrapped before going off to the exhibition. Further, canvas wrapped artworks referenced Jeanne-Claude & Christo. You really got the feeling of a bunch of artists collectively preparing their art pieces for the transport.

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A lesson in Perfection. Holzweiler SS19