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Minimum Denim Launch


Hello everyone!

Yesterday was a pretty decent day! First, off to work, doing a minor photoshoot in the wonder spring weather, and then off to the launch of Minimum’s new denim line. The denim line revolves around continuity, meaning that it won’t fixate on fluctuating trends. In general it’s a pretty clean and cool collection. Not much pomp or noise, just clean cuts, cool washes and wonderful stretch! 😉

I’m wearing a pair of Ben Sim jeans and a black denim jacket from the new Denim collection paired with a white tee also from Minimum. I really enjoy playing around with different shades of denim. Don’t worry, you won’t look like you’re wearing a denim suit as long as you make sure to differentiate the shades. You don’t necessarily have to go from blue to black, different shades of blue may work very well together as well.





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