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Monday Blues Recovery Plan


Mondays are not always your best friend. For many reasons, one of them being that it prematurely steals away the weekend. No more sleeping in, no more joyful inefficiency. It’s all about getting back to work, school or whatever you spend your everyday life with. Getting back in the weekly routine may seem a little a dull and hard to overcome. For that reason I’ve created a Monday Blues Recovery plan in just 4 small steps, that may help you overcome your Monday blues. Even if the blues has already taken it’s toll – in a way that that it is too late to recover from it – then you have an entire week to prepare yourself for the next one.


Monday Blues Recovery Plan

Little gives me the same joy as very good cup of coffee. Here we are not talking about cranking up the amount of ground in your filter coffee or French press. No. That’s not enough, even though you might get the extra caffeine, that it simply won’t better your mood. Instead seek out a premium coffee house where they have the freshest (yes, freshly roasted!) beans. Are you staying in Copenhagen let me suggest you: Risteriet, Resso or Coffee Collective. A good cappuccino from any of these places will definitely set the mood for good Monday!

Step #1 in the Monday Blues Recovery Plan is to get a GREAT cup of coffee to set your mood straight.

Monday Blues Recovery Plan

Personally I find that dressing up on days where the mood is very low seem to boosts my confidence. This is then is reflected in my mood, making me actually fit for human interaction. The same goes if you’re sick. I’m not saying that you are to wear a suit, if it is not suiting for what you’re doing. You will however get a long way with a fitted pair of jeans, a fitted shirt, a waist coat and to top it, a neat silk tie. Just the simple process of tying a tie made from luxurious silk will make you feel instantly better. For example letting a luxurious Hermès silk tie slip through your fingers is a feeling out of this world.

Even if you’re not going to wear it, then just go spend 20-30 seconds on letting a luxury silk tie, scarf or pocket square slip through your fingers. I promise that you’ll feel better.

Step #2 in the Monday Blues Recovery Plan is to let some luxury silk slip through your fingers.

Monday Blues Recovery Plan

It’s well known that women have a certain shoe fetish, but guys we’re not much better. We care for the footwear that we wear, we’re just not as verbal about it as the ladies. I know that you all follow me when I say that steppin’ into a great pair of shoes makes you feel like you far exceed the ranks of average. The same goes for boots with their masculine construction. Walking around an entire day in a pair of perfectly crafted boots will both improve your looks and your Monday mood. The boots in the picture (from Lædersmeden) are some that I feel that I can always rely on. No matter the mood or the styling.

Step #3 on the Monday Blues Recovery Plan is to slip your feet into a pair of perfectly crafted boots.


Monday Blues Recovery Plan

Creating a great aura for yourself is about stimulating your senses. A great perfume might do just that. I personally wear perfume everyday, it just gives me that last splash of confidence that I might need during a day. Somedays definitely require it more than others. I would definitely recommend that you try and find some fragrances that aren’t just department store fragrances. My current go-to are this RPL Oud Voyage or the Molton Brown Russian Leather.

Step #4 in the Monday Blues Recovery Plan is to soak yourself with a splash of confidence.

Best Regards,

Portrait De L’HOMME

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