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What is it like to work for a fashion house during fashion week? Well, my CPHFW was preeetty busy to say the least, but also damn awesome! We had just ended a pretty intense campaign at Birger Christensen literary days before the beginning of Copenhagen Fashion Week, so before really catching our breaths we went full on with the preparations for the Birger Christensen fashion show.


First thing on my cphfw agenda was our cozy little intimate press event with a handful of selected bloggers and press. Present was the Birger Christensen creative director Michael Kristensen, Chief Pattern Cutter Karin Køhler and CEO of Birger Christensen International Henrik Spandet-Møller to talk about the superb craftsmanship, sustainability and the inspirations for the new AW16 collection. Attending were among others Sandra Willer, Mai Manniche, Frederikke Egel and Jacqueline Ann Sofie. It was cozy, a little sneak peek was provided, delicious chocolate from Summerbird and of course a glass of champagne. The so-called champagne-chocolate diet.

My Cphfw My Cphfw


As the fashion show was Thursday we had a lot to do to be honest. Guest list, logistics, promoting our Snapchat (‘BC1869’, on which one could follow the whole show) just to name a few. In the evening we were invited to see the Kopenhagen Fur Imagine Talents runway show at Industriens Hus. It was a very refreshing show. Very extravagant and avant-garde at some point, and at some point very classy.

My Cphfw

My Cphfw


Weeeeeell, not much to say other than slight panicking, stress aand a little crisis about the outfit for the show day.


Whaaaaat!? Already show day?! Time flies and it’s already show day. The venue was BEAUTIFUL! To those who have been at Hotel D’Angleterre, they know that nothing is done with modesty. The show was in the hall called ‘Palmehaven’, which translated would be The Palm Court, relating to the palms around the hall. It has the most beautiful glass sealing and pompous walls. The entrée was at the Julius Ceasar hall. Here were a few of Trine Søndergaard’s beautiful pictures from Martin Asbæk Gallery, a workshop installment showing the fine craftsmanship of fur fashion and not least a glass of Rosé from I Am Rosé to be enjoyed before the show.

The show was nothing less than glorious. Beautiful fur coats, fur jumpers, fur bags and even a fur hat. All performed in such a delicate style. Hands down, Michael Kristensen, you did a great job.

A far more detailed post on BCAW16 will come shortly! I Promise! 

My Cphfw


Copenhagen Fashion Week is approaching it’s ending, and the Birger Christensen show is over. Next is the Art Meets Fur in-store event where the AW16 show collection is presented, DJ Thomas Madvig will come play a few tunes and the art pieces by Trine Søndergaard from Martin Asbæk Gallery will be shown together with the workshop installment from the AW16 collection fashion show. It’s from 5pm – 7pm in the store at Østergade 38, 1100 Copenhagen. And then again Saturday from 12am – 2pm.

If I get the time I might take a brief trip to CIFF, CIFF Raven and Revolver for a quick browse on the AW16 tendencies. It’s always a pleasure to see the styles at first hand and feel the fabrics.

As it is the end of Copenhagen Fashion Week, I’m probably attending the Cph finest Fashion week closing celebration. But lets see. 😉


Basically I’m just attending the Art Meets Fur exhibition before visiting a good friend of mine who has just returned from a trip to India. So it’s gonna be great to catch up.

Fashion Week, you keep us busy, but we all love it! At least I love my CPHFW.

Till next time!

Portrait De L’HOMME
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