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CPH Fashion Week SS18 Diary Day 1

Naked Designer On The Runway – When Nudity Is Fashion


It was noted in the show letter that this would be the last of Nicholas Nybro’s shows on the Danish scene, leaving it up to the imagnition what he would pursue afterwards. Leaving the Danish fashion week or Danish fashion totally? However, it set the scene for a sensation. And what better location than the beautiful lapidarium of kings. A musueum filled with beautiful sculptures. Here Nicholas Nybro held his SS18 show: “The Body – a tribute”. There sure were focus on the body! I wouldn’t call this a fashion show – only. It showcased some beautiful pieces, but it also did so much more. The focus was on the body, which meant that the garnments was designed to assimilate parts of the human body, either saggy skin or muscle fibres. In addition to the clothing, the models were cast not only as we know typical models. They were in fact tall, small, thick and thin. Very diverse.

On top of that, was 4 (I think it was) of the entrances fully nude. What seemed almost comedy like at first began to make sense throughout the show. It was not a matter of The Emperor’s New Clothes. It was simply a matter of wearing yourself as you are, and not as something that you’ll never be. It was a big you to body shaming! A statement that bodies differ, and you should wear your’s with pride. That is at least how I interpreted it.

However, one thing was what you put on the runway, another thing is to watch it. While you know that people are willingly walking the runway, then it was actually quite intimidating to watch another human standing absolutely naked in front of you. Should you look and observere the details of that specific body? Or would that make you a perv? Should you stare at the face hoping to see past their natural equipment? Or should you simply laugh, like babies do, because you have no reaction trained for such a situation? I found it quite hard, and intimidating, to actually be an audience (first time somebody ever said that I guess! 😉 ). Even though I kept reminding myself, that these models were there because they chose to be there.

The clothing it self spanned from simple wearable sweats to comprehensive frill pieces. One dress was even in what can only be assumed to be meant as the shape of a natural heart. But there was a clean aesthetic because of the coherent choice of color (shades of brown of course ).

As said, this show was in my opinion the intersection of fashion, art and an ethical debate. It’s nice to experience someone who can evoke reactions that you did not know of. Something that is unpleasant, and out of your comfort zone, but makes you consider why you actually feel this way.

A closing comment, I have the sincerest respect for the man, that after sending 4 naked people out on the runway walked the runway naked himself with his head held up high! Thats commitment!

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  • Just a dresser

    I was a dresser on the show, and I can tell you that you understood the point perfectly. 🙂

    The entire point and theme in the collection was to accept yourself as you are, and to walk with pride – no matter whether you’re old, young, tall, short, fat or thin, light, dark, with or without tats. It was wonderful to help out with the show too – everyone was absolutely a delight to work with.

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