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I Had Never Thought This Of Myself…


Hey there big chief! 🙂

Before this spring I’d never thought I’d be wearing a short-sleeved shirt again. It pops to my mind as either something ridiculously tasteless or something that an accountant would be wearing with a pen in the chest pocket. However, fashion has a bizarre effect upon us, where we blindfolded follow trends. Either that, or as something becomes fashionable, the designs seems to become better. Well I guess a little of both. 😉

However, the 50’s inspired printed Hawaiian shirts is probably one of the biggest #menswear trends this summer. Whether it be printed, or printed with the spread collar, a Hawaii inspired shirt may be a certain IT-item this season.

The Outfit

The shirt with origami print and white jeans with knee rips are both from Italian based David Naman. A brand that I personally always make sure to return to when in Italy. And when not in Italy, I’ll have to stick with the webshop (here). In fact, this is what I talked about when I talked about shopping locally – read about it here.

The loafers are my dearest property – or close to – my Gucci loafers. They add an insane level of nonchalant to almost any outfit worn with them. Read more about them here. Covering the eyes is a pair of Dior’s futuristic designed sunglasses – which fit perfectly with the rest of the contrasted outfit.


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