The new fit is an anti fit

The new fit is an anti fit grafik-1 new-fit-is-anti-fit-4

While a tailored fit definitely highlights class and ones ability to dress well, then a jeans fit that I’ve come to grown fond of is the anti fit. It seems counterintuitive that a fit can actually be anti, but what the heck… What is meant by this is that the jeans isn’t really shaped after the legs which gives them sort of a ‘sagging’ look. This kind of jeans definitely has it’s foundation in the casual menswear, but as I personally like to shake things up a bit, then involving some tailored pieces creates a clash that I find kinda cool.

Also this whole thing with unfitted jeans can pretty much be seen as a counter reaction to the super skinny jeans that have dominated (and still do). The same counter reaction that the wide trousers is part of. And while these counter reactions are becoming more and more apparent, then I don’t think that the slim black jeans are ever going to fade away for good. It’s just such a stable. One thing that might change tho, is that they do not have to be skin tight – as in they look spray painted on. But for now it seems that the new fit is an anti fit.

What I’m wearing

Blazer – Suit Supply | Roll neck – Zara | Pocket square – An Ivy | Jeans – Plain Denim | Socks – Stance | Sneakers – Hermès – or Similar

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