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Sunday Shopping: FALL FOOTWEAR

Your New Hype Sneaker Is About To Drop!

gucci apollo

Forget all about the your Gucci ACE’s, the Italian luxury brand is about to drop a chunky piece of footwear that will make any hype heart melt. Previously this year the fashion front runner brand showcased a chunky piece of a sneaker – and the media seemed to agree when it predicted the shoe to be a success. Now the shoe has been updated with a graphic print and is about to drop. I’m a fan! You can pre-order the new GUCCI Apollo at Barneys.comThe print is the same as you’ve seen on their vintage-ish t-shirts and is a great way to shake up the sneaker game.

Did you catch the one on one Hypebeast vs Gucci Editorial post? If not HERE it is.

gucci-apollo-sneaker-pre-order-01-960x640 gucci apollo gucci apollo gucci apollo

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Sunday Shopping: FALL FOOTWEAR