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New Year’s Eve Outfit

New Year’s Eve Outfit

So what are you all gonna wear for New Year’s Eve? Haven’t found out yet? Well, I’ve picked 3 outfits that I think as great options. Hopefully they may serve as inspiration for you

Outfit no 1.

Starting with the most formal and probably the most extravagant look. This H&M x Balmain jacket has some neat features that really will put you in the spotlight. It’s a classic dinner jacket with shawl collar and over the top decorations. Not everyone will feel comfortable in such a jacket. However, when wearing this I’d recommend staying in dinner wear style. This means black dress pants, white shirt, black shoes and belt and a bowtie.

New Year's eve outfit New Year's eve outfit

Outfit no 2.

Messing abit around with the colors may open a lot of opportunities, even though the colors are very subtle. The blue jacket is what really pops this outfit. The grey army printed bowtie creates coherence with the grey pants, while the black shirt match the pocket square, belt and shoes. There are quite a few things going on but in a very subtle way.

New Year's eve outfit New Year's eve outfit

Outfit no 3.

This last outfit is to the classic man who wants to look sharp without pulling to much attention. The grey suit is great for both formal wear and special occasions. It’s however not as formal as the black suit, so if you wanna bring your game, but don’t want to jump in the black suit, stick with grey one. However, change the white shirt for a black one with the grey suit. The white shirt will make you look like you come straight from the office, while a black shirt will make your appearance more appropriate for evening wear. While we’re at it, don’t forget the power that a cool tie can bring to the outfit. This Saint Laurent tie really adds some edge to the outfit.

New Year's eve outfit New Year's eve outfit

I hope that it served as inspiration for your new year’s eve outfit. I know that I am probably gonna stick with option 1.

Best wishes and a happy new year

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