No, Grey is not dull.

If you for one second were thinking that grey was dull, you’d be forever wrong! The first thing you’d need to appreciate about this ‘colour’, is that it allows you to play around with the silhouette much easier, than when working with colours. … and that is no matter if you’re up for a skinny Thom Browne’esque look or loose ‘Old Céline’ look. You’ll often see some of the most fashion-forward characters wearing nothing but black or grey – simply because it lets them get all psyched with the cuts instead.

Talking about trends, the fashion scene – even menswear – are moving more and more towards including voluminous looks. A movement containing everything from boxy blazers to the ever so chunky sneakers. Personally, I’m drawn towards this looser fitting look. The last couple of years the outfits couldn’t fit too tight – but now it is much more nuanced. Almost, the roomier and longer the better. One thing is the more free-spirited feel to the look, another thing is the level of comfort!

So to sum it up, no – grey is not dull, it allows you to do so much more!

Over and out!

// Jon

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I’m Jon, a genuinely creative spirit who believes you should never put your style in a box.

Portrait De L’HOMME is a tribute to the modern trend seeking man and pulls references from traditional and contemporary fashion.

The goal is to show that simple investments in your appearance will come back manyfolded.

This will be expressed through various editorials in different scales and sizes.

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