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Not a fan of this fanny pack!


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While I’m usually a big big fan of the fanny pack, this hybrid slide/fanny pack does not please me. Mostly because I feel that the fanny pack addition to the slides are ridiculously redundant. They are called the Nike ‘Benassi’ and comes both in black and vibrant colors. While the release date is not announced, they are expected to drop soon.

I heard a friend call them the sliders that Balenciaga wish they came up with. This may in particular be true in light of Balenciaga’s avantgarde normcore creative direction that have also lately included fanny pack that look remarkably close to the old Eastpak fanny packs. Nonetheless, my call is still a ‘NO GO!’

However, slides and fanny packs for men is generally a yes please! Below are 2 belt bags and 2 slides that is big ‘yes please!’

Invicta LVR nylon belt bag (affordable)



Prada nylon canvas crossbody bag (luxury)



Birkenstock slide sandals (affordable)



Loewe slide sandals (Luxury)


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