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Off-White designer takes over Louis Vuitton Mens


Off-White Designer takes over Louis Vuitton Mens

The top luxury fashion house reshuffle is still going strong. Last week we was brought the news that Kris Van Assche was stepping down from Dior Homme, and on the very same day his successor, Kim Jones, was announced. Kim Jones who was, creative director for men’s design at Louis Vuitton. So while it has been known for a while now that Kim Jones was leaving Louis Vuitton then there were no real cues on who was to pick up the task of steering the direction of Louis Vuitton menswear. However, it has now been confirmed that Virgil Abloh the Off-White Designer takes over Louis Vuitton Mens.

The news that Abloh would take over at LV mens really came as a surprise to me. Even though Virgil Abloh has already cemented his relevancy on the fashion scene with his luxury streetwear label Off-White, then I would have expected someone coming from a more similar fashion house. But maybe thats not what Louis Vuitton needs right now. Maybe they need a visionary, without any formal fashion degree, that has been able to build his own luxury brand through social media.

I have been thinking about this move all morning, and it starts to make more and more sense. In fact, all of a sudden it looks actually quite similar to  what Balenciaga did with Vetement designer Demna Gvasalia – and we all know how that turned out! So time will have to tell whether Louis Vuitton ends out as being less posh, and potentially as relevant as Balenciaga. Also it’s worth noting that Off-White has appealed very heavily to the youth of fashion, and has managed to drive incredible sales figures. In fact analysis conducted by Business of Fashion showed that Off-White was in 2017  the fifth hottest brand by their Lyst index. This  position by far outranks Louis Vuitton.

While some may hope for what would look like a Off-White x LV collaboration, then Abloh tells that he will continue to run Off-White — “it is for the 17-year-old version of myself, whereas Vuitton is for the 37-year-old I am today”. This means that  he will most likely not go all Off-White on Louis Vuitton but still rely on his personal aesthetics.

Virgil Abloh’s first collection for Louis Vuitton will be shown during Paris Fashion Week Mens in June.


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