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Black Denim Bam-Ba-Lam!


Yes, black jeans has pretty much always been my go-to. It easy for styling, and it’s convenient as they won’t look dirty after a few wears. So, since my new black denim jacket from Minimum entered the wardrobe, I knew for sure that this was going to be one of my go to pieces. And whats better to pair one of your favourite pieces with, than another favourite piece. So this look became quite black on black, but then the white sneakers and t-shirt breaks it with some contrast. To add a level of refinement I slapped on a silk scarf. It really enriches the look – and to be fair, more guys should do this! For it not to become too slouchy, I tied it with a half windsor tie knot, which means that it is easy to adjust.

black denim black denim back-denim-2 black denim

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Portrait De L’HOMME

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