Editorial: On the docks

A lot is going on at the docks. From transport of goods and customs to creative schools and parties. The first two probably more in the past than the present. None the less, the docks are still areas with such strong connotations. The topic for this editorial is therefore, different situations ‘On the docks’.


on the docks

The docks has historically been a place of hardworking men and women. They had a job to carry out no matter the weather. Heavy and warm layers were essentials to resist the wind and biting chill. This oldschool hiking boot really does outfit justice and sits perfectly with the shearling jacket.

on the docks on the docks


Cowboy boots were certainly a thing in the 80’s, but it is coming back full on! With highlighted fashion houses such as Calvin Klein 205w39NYC manifesting the relevance of a New Era Western look. The western inspired look certainly has been adopted by creatives around the world. The main reason likely being its distinctiveness and recognisability. Myself I’ve been a sucker for this trend, I will certainly do my best to keep it alive as long as possible. 😂

on the docks on the docks

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on the docks

What used to be a working man’s environment has today become an area for the hip and trendy. Expensive restaurants popping up along with night clubs and even concert halls. This means that the dresscode in these areas have shifted along with its cultural meaning. Workwear boots has been transformed into oxfords, and knit scarves into tailored ties.

on the docks

A person’s footwear says a lot about that person’s character. Within this editorial it has been used as tool to manifest a certain typification. I personally love leather footwear – and in particular boots. There is a level of heritage and craftsmanship to this that you rarely find with sneakers. For someone often walking in boots, a pair propper good year welted boots actually feels somewhat sexy. And no, I’m not a feet fetischist. For this editorial I borrowed three pairs of footwear from Lædersmeden for what you can see is three very different occasions. The footwear can be shopped here.

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