Once Upon in September

Time flies and all of a sudden a recent experience seems just like a distant memory. You build it up to be almost like fairytale disregarding even the slightest negativity. In this case, it almost look like a fairytale as well. This editorial was meant to be released briefly after shooting it in early September, but finishing touches has been long on the way.

Location: Frederiksborg Castle


Riches and Rags

A tour around the baroque gardens of Frederiksborg Castle is a perfect romantic stroll. Though the gardens are no longer green, it still remains a destination worth visitting. It’s clear to everyone that the gardens are landscaped to assimilate French baroque as we know it from Chateau de Versailles. A key characteristic being the strong symmetry of the gardens. While the location being extremely extravagant, the outfit seems an immediate contrast. The outfit much rather joins with the minimalism of the common man, than the maximalism of the nobles. The contrast is further emphasised by ‘Liberté’ and ‘Égalité’ being written on the sweatshirt, words part of the motto of the French revolution. A revolution that fought the suppression and inequality, which also the riches of Frederiksborg castle is a symbol of.


Tonal Timeless Traveler

If I were to travel to any fairytale destination, timelessness is what I go for. Tonal and refined styles that fit the surroundings of romanticised manifestations, whether it is a castle in Munich or a remote village in Provence. A short sleeved loose shirt, khakis, loafers and fedora are stables that should constitute the essentials of a traveling man’s wardrobe.

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Dressed and Obsessed

The destinations that I visit are always met with my constant obsession for fashion and style. Though I maintain my very own sense of fashion, I strive to always reference my surroundings. A baroque castle is quickly associated with royals and nobles. In present day that would easily be associated with gowns and suits. To interpret that idea, but in an everyday manner the suit jacket and tie are swapped for a denim overshirt and a fedora. This gives it a much more casual ring to it, while the gold buckle somehow adds a touch of royal maximalism.

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