One item that dominated my summer wardrobe – and you should continue to wear in the fall

Hey! I know the frequency of posts are a little low these days, but I have a lot on my plate! Among this are two big announcements, one which should posted tomorrow another one will follow shortly. So make sure to stay tuned, or drop by the blog again tomorrow!

Looking back at my summer wardrobe, there is one particular piece that really dominated. One piece that no matter the time and place were my first choice. It is of course the short sleeved shirt. A shirt that has had a major revival over the last year. Print, pattern og plain – they all work!

Especially with the long and intense summer we’ve had this year, its been a real life saver. Preferably slightly unbuttoned. It works with trousers and shorts, sneakers and slippers. It’s quite amazing how this piece has gone from being considered really bad taste to being a key trend piece in a matter of seasons.

Even better is that now that we move into september, and thereby fall, you can still use this piece! For the warmer fall days start by wearing trousers, a simple t-shirt underneath and then pull a lightweight jacket over and you’re good to go. On the other hand, when the temperatures start to drop slightly, swap the t-shirt for a thin roll neck underneath and once again a fall jacket on top. I will personally continue to wear these shirts for a little while before transcending into the heavy wools.

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