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ONE style mistake that both men and women make!

style mistake

Sorry for the clickbate title, but I really wanted to get your attention. I see so many people making this style mistake – and it is just such a shame!

When you buy a new jacket, or a new coat for that matter, there are these few small stitches that keeps the pockets and the vents together. Some may not notice them at all, but the rest of us really do. Removing those stitches are the very first thing that you should do, once you get your new jacket home. Some stores even offer to do it for you.

However, not cutting those stitches insinuates that you are dressing novice. It may sound harsh, but people won’t take your styling as seriously. I am sorry. It’s a shame, because you’ve dressed up nicely, but fail at the finish. Imagine you sitting in a meeting with your boss, and all your boss can think of, is why you didn’t remove those stitches? Chances are, that the odds of him (or her) allocating you the resources for your new project are diminished.

But why would you then put the stitches there in the first place? The stitches are  there so that the jacket won’t tear during transportation. It’s that simple. It’s merely a matter of security. No more, no less.

The stitches that you should remove are located:

  • Chest pocket
  • Front pockets
  • The vents at the back
  • There may be stitches on the shoulder (indicating that it is a bespoke suit). But if you’re buying a bespoke suit, then you probably know this already.
  • Further, some brands leave a little brand tag on the sleeve. This is NOT some part of the design.

style mistake

So, if you see a gent or a lady wearing a jacket where the vents are stitched, then please, just out of pure courtesy to them, pull them aside and tell them to cut those stitches. Help them undo this style mistake.

Best Regards,

Portrait De L’HOMME

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