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A.P.C. Celebrates 30 year anniversary


The always laid back chic French brand A.P.C. celebrates their 30th anniversary by re-issuing some previously released pieces. This little capsule collection goes under the name HIVER 1987 (Winter 1987), paying tribute to their first ever collection. The HIVER 1987 pieces will drop through out the fall.

http-hypebeast-com-image-2017-07-apc-87-hiver-reissue-30th-anniversary-05 http-hypebeast-com-image-2017-07-apc-87-hiver-reissue-30th-anniversary-14 http-hypebeast-com-image-2017-07-apc-87-hiver-reissue-30th-anniversary-04-kopi http-hypebeast-com-image-2017-07-apc-87-hiver-reissue-30th-anniversary-06 http-hypebeast-com-image-2017-07-apc-87-hiver-reissue-30th-anniversary-07 http-hypebeast-com-image-2017-07-apc-87-hiver-reissue-30th-anniversary-09 http-hypebeast-com-image-2017-07-apc-87-hiver-reissue-30th-anniversary-08 http-hypebeast-com-image-2017-07-apc-87-hiver-reissue-30th-anniversary-11 http-hypebeast-com-image-2017-07-apc-87-hiver-reissue-30th-anniversary-13

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Portrait De L’HOMME




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