Parisian Chic – kinda…

Agde - Parisian Chic-3 Agde - Parisian Chic-7 Agde - Parisian Chic-8 Agde - Parisian Chic-1 Agde - Parisian Chic-2This outfit is what I’d like to call parisian chic. It’s all due to the relaxed and casual vibe that is to it. Even though the shirt is tucked in, and the trousers are tight, then it still maintains an effortless off-duty vibe. I think it’s important to remember that even though you wanna be looking good, you should try and keep it effortless. Effortless doesn’t mean sloppy, on the contrary. Effortless can require a whole lot of effort – which seems somehow counter-intuitive. Often, the effortlessness has to do with your persona. Do you wear the outfit with confidence? Another way is to think of the fabrics. Where a dress shirt and a pair of tight trousers has a very neat look, not all may feel comfortable in it, and thus it doesn’t become effortless. When you don’t feel comfortable in it, it will show. Try opting for a shirt in a coarser fabric, maybe fitted a little looser – like the one I’m wearing.

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Portrait De L’HOMME

Portrait De L’HOMME

A destination where personality and a sense of fashion bond over a negroni. Often, but not always, centered around a specific individual’s journey of style and taste. All to remind that paying a bit of respect to your appearance pays off in regards to your confidence and how your surrounding environment perceives you.

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