Little bit of Paris, Little bit of Punk

Parisian punk header silk scarf doc Martens

‘Parisian boheme’ and ‘punk’ are not topics that usually go hand-in-hand. Not because they don’t share any values, but their matter of expression differs Oh-so much! They both seek a lifestyle liberated from institutional constraints, a life liberated from the bourgeois. Where punk channels aggression through musical anthems such as ‘Anarchy in the UK’ the Bohemians is in a belief that love conquers all. Which is better is for you to decide.

Parisian punk

On the matter of Parisian punk; this look channels that raw attitude of punk, while remaining soft spoken as a bohemian poet in love. The obvious punk references consist in the tartan plaids that are often associated with the punk – as well as the characteristic Doc Martens. The Parisian and bohemian references on the other hands consist in the long coat combined with the silk scarf, notebook and of course the beret.

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Parisian punk

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