Passion As A Statement Pt. II

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If you haven’t already checked out the first post of this little mini series then there is a link riiiight  👉 here.

Lets dig into it! The topic is wearing your passion as a statement, which can be done in many different ways. For example, if you feel very passionated about that whole rock-and-roll-rockabilly-cowboy theme well, then the cowboy (inspired) boots may be just your thing. Feel that it is a bit over the top? Don’t ever be afraid to add your personal touch to your appearance.

In this post I’m gonna go through two different stylings of a pair (cowboy) boots. The boots are a pair of custom made Sendra boots which can only be purchased at Lædersmeden in Copenhagen. So without further due lets get to it.

The Fashionable Sleek

I wanted to play a bit around with the formalities that the boots could be worn with. But I wouldn’t go for a suit as the boots still have some roughness to them. So I focused on the edginess of the boot, and dressed up accordingly. Going for a more monochromatic outfit allows the colors to pop out more. The color of the boots (called fuchsia – though I would argue that they are more like oxblood) really makes them stand out. Further, as the look was so dark and quite western inspired then I wanted to go with some edgy details. I pulled out the red/green silk Gucci tie with the snake. I thought the snake would be a cool detail, unfortunately it is barely visible. However, the red/green combo still brightens up the look.

Passion As A Statement Passion As A Statement

Rely On Simplicity

Another really great way of showing off something, is to strip back on everything else. For this look I went with a simple black/white jeans and t-shirt combo to show off the boots. It did however feel a bit ’empty’, so I went with something that you can always also rely on – a fedora. The reason i choose a fedora was that the broad brim enhances some sort of artistic vibe that really complements the look.

Passion As A Statement  Passion As A Statement Passion As A Statement

Remember that if haven’t read the first “Wear Your Passion As A Statement” post then you can find it right 👉 here.

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