Passion As A Statement Pt. II – Portrait De L'HOMME
Wear Your Passion As A Statement

Passion As A Statement Pt. II

Passion As A Statement

Hey guys!

If you haven’t already checked out the first post of this little mini series then there is a link riiiight  👉 here.

Lets dig into it! The topic is wearing your passion as a statement, which can be done in many different ways. For example, if you feel very passionated about that whole rock-and-roll-rockabilly-cowboy theme well, then the cowboy (inspired) boots may be just your thing. Feel that it is a bit over the top? Don’t ever be afraid to add your personal touch to your appearance.

In this post I’m gonna go through two different stylings of a pair (cowboy) boots. The boots are a pair of custom made Sendra boots which can only be purchased at Lædersmeden in Copenhagen. So without further due lets get to it.

The Fashionable Sleek

I wanted to play a bit around with the formalities that the boots could be worn with. But I wouldn’t go for a suit as the boots still have some roughness to them. So I focused on the edginess of the boot, and dressed up accordingly. Going for a more monochromatic outfit allows the colors to pop out more. The color of the boots (called fuchsia – though I would argue that they are more like oxblood) really makes them stand out. Further, as the look was so dark and quite western inspired then I wanted to go with some edgy details. I pulled out the red/green silk Gucci tie with the snake. I thought the snake would be a cool detail, unfortunately it is barely visible. However, the red/green combo still brightens up the look.

Passion As A StatementPassion As A Statement Passion As A Statement

Rely On Simplicity

Another really great way of showing off something, is to strip back on everything else. For this look I went with a simple black/white jeans and t-shirt combo to show off the boots. It did however feel a bit ’empty’, so I went with something that you can always also rely on – a fedora. The reason i choose a fedora was that the broad brim enhances some sort of artistic vibe that really complements the look.

Passion As A Statement  Passion As A Statement Passion As A Statement

Shop The Boots

These boots that are exclusively made for Lædersmeden by Sendra can currently only be purchased at physical store at Vestergade 15, 1456 København K.

This post is not sponsored in any way.

Remember that if haven’t read the first “Wear Your Passion As A Statement” post then you can find it right 👉 here.

Best Regards,

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