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Wear Your Passion As A Statement

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Hey guys!

A thing that I feel very passionated about is drawing on particular niches that you personally are very fond of. It’s a great way to appear unique by wearing your passion as a statement. That’s why the next two posts have a common niche focus – the cowboy boot. And not because I’m particular the cowboy boot guy – but they do have a certain neat rock and roll vibe (of which I love!). I know that this may seem a bit off for many, but you won’t believe the results that a few statement pieces actually can bring! So for the next two posts I’ll be wearing two different pair of amazing Sendra boots from Lædersmeden in central Copenhagen. One pair of boots for each post. In these two coming posts I’ll go through some stylings that definitely will grant you the attention you deserve. If you like this post, then remember to come back for the second one.

The Americana

This is probably the most common look that we will get into. It’s denim on denim, which has to be carefully worked with but will totally work – if you get just the right mixture. In fact what actually is the sense maker of this outfits are the boots. They tie together the outfit for a coherent vintage denim statement. The boots really emphasises the american vibe. When wearing this I feel like “man, I gotta go burn some gasoline on a derby in my rusty old pick up truck!”.

sendra 1-10sendra 1-9sendra 1-11

The Modern Black & Brown Combo

The second outfit has a more modern approach. Lately there has been created this fashion culture that actually allowed us men to question the most common color combinations. Further it has allowed us to try out combinations that were previously no-goes! In this instance black and brown. Personally I think this a great alternative to the quite common all black & white sneakers outfit. These boots really adds some dynamic range to the outfit – and a whole lot of personality!

sendra 1-2 sendra 1-1 sendra 1-4 sendra 1-3 sendra 1-5

Shop The Boots

The boots can be bought at Lædersmeden at Vestergade 15, 1456 KBH K or at directly at their webshop right 👉🏼  here.

This post is not at all sponsored by Lædersmeden.

Best Regards,

Portrait De L’HOMME


  • NewLook

    You absolutely rock those cowboy boots! You’re the born boot guy 😉 Keep wearing them!

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
    • Jon Mørck

      Thank you! Yeah nothing beats a good pair of boots! 👌🏻👌🏻

      Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar

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