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A Perfect Match from GUCCI

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Hello everyone! 🙂
As mentioned in the previous post, I did some shopping on my recent trip to Milan (click here to read about where I recommend you do your Milan shopping).

This post is about something more specific. What I consider to be the perfect match from Gucci. Anyone into fashion have noticed the extreme re-vitalisation that Gucci has gone through. Providing the fashion scene with a fresh new take on how we’re all supposed to look. Though high fashion often seem to take it just a notch too far, there is still a lot to learn from it. For example, the newly appointed Creative Director of Gucci Alessandro Michele has a sincere love for vintage – which is quite obvious if you’ve seen any piece from the collections. This vintage vibe, can add a whole new level of nonchalant to your everyday outfit. The best part, it is easily done by spicing things up with just a few details.

The Gucci universe has changed drastically with the new appointed creative director. It has gone from Frida Giannini’s (the previous creative director) rather sexy business wear, to this geek-chic over the edge vintage universe of Alessandro Michele. And this doesn’t just stop at the goods. Also (some of) the stores have gotten a re-vitalization. Especially the Milan flagship store. From the moment you enter, you’re presented with vintage extravagancy. When you enter the basement (which is the men’s department) it’s an entire Gucci universe with vintage carpets all over. THIS is when shopping becomes more than just buying a product. THIS is when shopping becomes an experience. When the brand is able to transfer the DNA from the collections to the entire universe revolving around the brand.

Two pieces that I personally just had to have was the loafers with the snakes and of course the double G gold buckle belt to match the loafers. What I love about the loafers is how the snakes make a rather classical shoe, rather rock-stylish. They allow the wearer to go from classic dapper to rock n’ roll extravaganza in a flash. The double G belt, is a statement belt. But one that is still subtle enough for everyday wear. I feel this is a perfect match from gucci – and when combining these two pieces, I’ll be able to encounter a whole new style level. 😉

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Loafers – Shop Exact 
Belt – Shop Exact

That’s it for this time. 😉

Portrait De L’HOMME


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